BRIONet Broadband Internet Service for Multi Family Housing

BRIONet High Speed Internet operates on fiber optics, land-line/cable mediums, fixed Wireless and satellite services. No matter where you are located, BRIONet can provide service to your business.

Do you want to avoid long-term, costly contracts with the big Internet Service Providers (ISPs)? Our extensive buying power and internet delivery options allow our customers to improve their internet choices while reducing operating costs.

  • Attract New Residents – new tenants are attracted to more amenities
  • Keep Existing Residents Longer – great choices for available services help with tenant retention
  • No Cost to the Property – frees capital for other projects
  • Additional Revenue Source – include a BULK internet service as part of the rent
  • Free account for the office
  • Speeds from 200 Mbps Up to 1,000 Mbps
  • Your Choice of Wired, WiFi or Hybrid Installations
  • Great for Gaming!
  • Tenants Can Stream Multiple Shows at Once
  • Cost to the Tenant Starting at $25.00 Per Month
  • No Contracts for the Tenant – No Long-Term Commitments Required
  • Tenant Can Use Their Own Router or We Can Provide It