History of Brion Enterprises, Inc.

Almost 50 years ago a young man, fresh out of the Air Force, was seeking a career. He took a job at a TV repair business. Who would have guessed that would have been the birth of a long-term business that is so highly respected in the video industry by customers and peers? Bob’s job was installing antennas on the roofs of homes. After a while, he decided, “I can do this!” His vision was to expand that service to apartments and condominium complexes. Thus, the birth of Brion Enterprises, Inc.

Over the last four plus decades, Brion has been the primary market driver in the southwest for media, internet and now a full range of services to commercial businesses, multi-tenant buildings, the lodging industry, government facilities and multi-dwelling complexes. Our website proudly displays the brands and services Brion now provides. These reflect the young man’s vision that has lasted beyond his lifetime.

Robert “Bob” Huntington Brion, Jr. passed in 2017. His legacy of providing high-quality service to his customers and his challenge to the company of excellence in all areas continues today.  His passion of valuing and appreciating his employees is why we continue to carry on his vision and his legacy into the next 50 years with confidence and pride.